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(Season 1 – Episodes 1 to 5)



 A story of a couple torn apart after the loss of their son. Billy turns to drug dealing, whilst Therese seeks therapy, turning to Manu, a psychologist who has hidden troubles of his own. Facing his past relationship, Manu is now faced with a new and more present decision to make; his receptionist Brenda. Brenda is torn between two loves and must make some critical decisions of her own. Billy works through his ordeal while his problems get even worse, facing and coming to terms with his Mother’s Dementia.

Best way to describe these 5 episodes is mind blowing. You will be pulled in every direction possible! A Troubled Town is full of love, heartache, illness, betrayal, lies, marriage breakdowns, gangs violence, Secrets, twists & turns will have you wanting more! Look out for “A Troubled Town” as everyone has their own story!


Some scenes in this upcoming Drama Series is based on real life events…. Billy El kaddours mum! Suffering from one of the saddest diseases in the world  – [DEMENTIA] since 2012.  This story is Created & Directed By Billy ELKaddour & Produced by Billy ElKaddour & Sonia Sarkis.


Created & Directed By Billy El kaddour          Produced by Billy El Kaddour & Sonia Sarkis