Cast & Crew




Billy Elkaddour – Creator – Executive Producer –  Actor – Director  – Production & Casting Director – Voice Overs – Writer for Episodes 1 & 2 (SEASON 1) Created Episodes 1 to 5 (SEASON 1)

(Also Directed & Casted a Short Film Comedy called Haunted Love – 2018)



Sonia Sarkis – Executive Producer – Castings – Make Up Assistant – Production Assistant – Location Bookings – Marketing & Advertising Mgr – Actress – Voice Overs

(Also Produced & Casted a Short Film Comedy called Haunted Love – 2018)



Scott F.Sowter – Script Writer for Episodes 3,4 & 5 (SEASON 1)

(Award winner for short film “Pillow Talk” at the Western Suburbs Film Awards in NSW (AUSTRALIA) & Award winner for Western Script in (U.S.A) called “The Westfield Screen Writing “



Marco Jacobs – Executive Cinematographer. Filmed Episodes 3, 4 & 5 (SEASON 1)                           



Cinema Motions  – Rodney Mansour – Film Editor, Episodes 1 to 5 (SEASON 1) Created, Filmed & Edited Intro clip for Episodes 1 to 5 (SEASON 1)



Paul Issa – Sound Executive for Episodes 1 to 5 (SEASON 1) & Executive Cinematographer for Episodes 1 & 2 (SEASON 1)



Laura Dhir – Professional On-Set Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist                                   


Amanda Easton as Singer, Songwriter, Composer & Produced theme song called “It’s A Troubled Town”

(A massive thank you to Amanda for making our theme song truly an inspirational and emotional one touching ones heart)



 A massive thank you to the Owner of this Beautiful Classic Car – 1962 Belair – George Zaiter, for the use of his car in our Production Series. To watch this classic car traveling the streets of Parrmatta, keep an eye out for it in (Episode 1)



A massive thank you to the Owner of Mr Phillip’s Coffee House, Phillip St, Parramatta – for permitting crew and cast to film on location. Thank you to Elie Daher and his partner Nancy for accommodating us all. For great coffee, please head down to Mr Phillip’s coffee house – 15-17 Phillip St, Parramatta. To watch this intense cafe scene, keep an eye out (Episode 1)



Toufic Saadeh as Manu (The Troubled Psychologist) Co Creator for Episodes 1 &2 (SEASON 1)



Shuv Homsi as himself – Founder of Giving Back Australia – Interventionist Episode 1 (SEASON 1)                             


Owen Power as Tony Samos  (Mob Boss)


Nina David as Therese (Billy’s Wife)


Raj Valluri as Moey (Billy’s Right Hand Man)


Marina Rowe as Billy’s ill Mother (Suffering from Dementia)


Belinda Butterell as Denise (Home Nurse)


Paul Issa as Pauly (Tony’s Right Hand Man)


Louise Timpson as Brenda


Eduardo Habeych as Franky (Tony Samo’s Boy)


Isaac Holmesby as Tarek (Tony Samos’ Boy)


Sean Patrick Moran as The Troubled Husband



Samia Halabi as The Troubled Wife



Damon King as A.K (The Mental Patient)


Paulo Leouto as Zac (Billy’s Boy)


Carlene Bath as Joanne (The Flirtatious/Sassy Psychologist)


Rennia Morris as Zoey (Mistress)


Ahmad Mourad as Zoran (Tony’s Boy)


Marjara Petito as Manu’s call girl


Aldo Fedato as Mr Maurice


Victor Hawk  (Mr Maurice’s Driver)


Sonia Sarkis as Patricia (Social Worker)


Erin Best as Vivian (Psychologist)


Zabi Malik as Police Office


Chad Mitchison as Detective


Oscar Cavagnola as Oscar (Drug Member)


Ilya K as Pedro (Drug Member got killed)



Matias Klaver as Matt (Billy’s Body Guard)


James Forest as James (Billy’s unloyal Body Guard)


Melanie Hanley as Christina (Abused patient)


Raman Brar as Ricky (Gets killed by Billy)


Aaron Stanger as (Homeless Man)


James Beckwith (Drug Dealer & Poker player)

Lawrence Ola (Drug Dealer & Poker Player)


Hunter Clarke (Drug Dealer & Poker Player)


Giving Back Australia Extras (left – Ibrahim Elniz – Right – Omar Roumieh) Season 1 (Episode 1)


Western Sydney Extras boys on set Season 1 (Episode 5)


Scott Tregenza as Runner/Assistant – Season 1 (Episode 1)