Billy’s Biography

Who is Billy El Kaddour?????

Billy was born in Tripoli Lebanon 1973. He arrived to Australia in 1977 with his parents when he was 3 and a half years of age.  All his 3 siblings were born in Australia. His brother was born in 1977, other brother born in 1982 and his youngest sister was born in 1986, mother born in 1949 and father born in 1942. Billy being the eldest of them all. The El Kaddour family arrived to Bankstown Sydney South West Area but grew up in one of Lakemba’s famous street, Fairmount Street, where it was full of the Lebanese community.

Amazingly enough, Billy was born Oct 7th 1973, his mother Oct 1st and his princess Oct 2nd – his 2 great loves in this world were born, not only in the same month but the same week.

Everything was great for Billy and his family – fell inlove with Australia and its people til that one day…In 1983, Billy’s 2nd eldest brother was hit by a car. Billy was just 9. He was waiting for his brother Mahmoud to cross the road, but when not looking properly on the road, he didn’t notice this upcoming car flying through the local street of their hometown – Billy’s brother was severely hurt and as a result was placed in a coma for 3 long weeks. Witnessing this tragedy, Billy was devasted. Now in his 40’s, Billy’s brother is doing great after a full recovery.

From 1979 to 1985 Billy attended Hampden Public School, Lakemba. Following Public School, he moved onto Belmore Boys High School and completed his HSC from 1986 to 1991. He was always the clown character of the class who made everyone laugh even when Billy was down. Billy was very popular and loved by his mates and teachers. He’d say the exact right thing at the right time….he too made his teachers laugh. Billy was a young man with a heart for drama, acting and poetry. Even in his drama classes, he was a real natural.

During Billy’s time at High School, he wrote a screen/stage play and came 1st. His love for poetry and writing was proven through his words and execution at the age of 15.

Billy also had a love for Business so went onto further his education at Bankstown Tafe, accomplishing a Business Diploma in 1992-1993.

Billy’s father was a cabinet maker and his mother was a full time housework. Never complained, never wanted more – being with her family was more than enough for her.

Billy lived a typical Lebanese life with family, friends and feasts. Traditional values and respectable up bringings were essential in the El Kaddour household. Billy and his siblings were taught to love, respect and care for others.  Life in the El Kaddour residence was happy, funny and memorable.

Billy now has 2 children of his own, a 20 year old son and a 4 year old girl.

In 1993 Billy became a Security Guard. Worked from Bars to Clubs, Airports, Shopping Centres amongst other venues and til this day claims that role.

Billy loves the Gym, Rugby League, Filming, Acting, Cricket, Beach and Nature itself. He loves to simplest things in life.

In 2011, Mr El Kaddour (Father) was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer. This was an extremely hard time for Billy as he was close to his father. Billy’s father was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 68 and now at 75, he is cancer free and healthy.

Billy was relieved and full of joy with his father’s cancer outcome, but little did he know that the worst was yet to come….

In 2012, Billy’s mother was diagnosed with a terrible disease. This illness took a bad turn for Billy. He had the upmost respect and admiration for this mother, so knowing that his mother is slipping away from him made him fall into severe depression. Mrs El Kaddours prognosis was Moderate to Severe Dementia. Billy’s mother is now 68 and is deteriorating as each day goes by. Billy’s love, affection and attention for his mother’s wellbeing is quite remarkable. Never too busy for her, never complained, never withdrew….just brought him closer to the woman of his life. He swore to commit to her and provide for her as she did for him.  When Billy’s mother was diagnosed with Dementia, his world stopped. Laughter turned into sadness, joy turned into misery and good times were replaced with pain, heartache, depression and endless tears. Billy’s will to go on hit a wall. Billy started to realise that he was slowly losing his mother to this deadly disease and there was nothing he could do. Billy’s life was turned upside down. His heart for his mother deepen into constant sadness and sorrow. Billy cares for his precious mother and there’s no place he’d rather be than to be in her presence.

Mrs Siham El Kaddour was and still is very loved and adored by all. She’s the type that would cook you a feast whenever you wanted. She’d show her love towards others through her gentleness, warmth, hospitality and smile…..

Working was the only distraction for Billy. He couldn’t cope with the heartache of seeing his mother fade so he puts up a front for others…but those that know him can clearly see his pain and hurt.

In 2015, Billy was approached by a Film Director (Toufic Saadeh) to feature in his Drama Comedy Feature Film – mind you, Billy never went to acting or drama school but with his confidence and passion for acting, he jumped at the chance!

Billy had a natural, smooth and suave way about him. He had it all – the look, the voice, the charm, the smile and the charisma. He proved himself otherwise with his onset acting. His success on the film was a true testimony that if you are passionate about something, then your best will be defined.

Billy assisted with the crew and the Director also allowed him to add his own personality on set, which fit in perfectly. “The Islander Theory” Movie shall be released sometime 2018.

Further to that, Billy’s passion and love for filming, acting, directing and producing became more obvious! He just needed that thrill – it’s in his blood…..there was no stopping him.

After filming “The Islander Theory” Billy wanted to challenge himself with his next adventure….”A Troubled Town”

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Soon after, Billy took on the project as a solo artist and took “A Troubled Town” to another level, where he created, directed, produced and acted in  his very own first Drama Series. Billy’s Executive Producer, Sonia Sarkis, has assisted him in his high budget Series and combined both their creativity to produce ATT. Billy is very excited to release “A Troubled Town” late 2018.

“A Troubled Town” accomplished to hire 47 members of cast and crew. This project is a passion project for Billy and he is eagerly awaiting to release these 5 episodes in order to focus on Season 2.

Billy has also Directed a Short Film Comedy – Called “Haunted Love” Should be released sometime 2018.

Billy’s drive and passion for “A Troubled Town” is a great contribution to his ill mother and all those who have been affected by this terrible and sad illness.

May God bless all those who are suffering this disease and also bless those who are seeing their loved one slowly fade.

From all at “A Troubled Town” everyone has a story and this is mine….


Billy El Kaddour with his beloved mother Siham El Kaddour